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"The UK's leading Spirit Medium delivering mind blowing evidence of life after death." 

As a medium it is my purpose to show beyond all doubt that the human soul continues to live after physical death and that the separation we feel when a loved one dies is only temporary.

The character and personality that made your loved ones who they were in life is still very much alive and well in the world of spirit. One day when we make this inevitable journey our selves, they will be there to greet you. There is nothing to fear in death, it is a very simple and natural part of lifes cycle and just another step in our progression to a higher level of consciousness.

When consumed with the grief of losing a loved one, spirit communication can give you the power to cope and the upliftment you need to move forward.

I have been very fortunate to have seen spirit people from an early age, the most amazing aspect of being a medium for me was loosing the fear of death completely, a journey I hope to share with you.

"Your loved ones are only a thought away" David Holt


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